Burberry Nova Check Diaper Tote discon?

Jul 24, 2009
I have had my eye on the Burberry Nova Check Diaper Tote at Saks & Nordstrom's web site for $575, hoping it would go on sale. Now it is sold out at both :sad: According to Saks, they don't know whether they will be getting more. Has it been discontinued? I was hoping to buy it there rather than at my Burberry store so I can rack up my in-store points -esp at Saks :smile: Any info is appreciated!
Jul 12, 2009
There are three baby bags currently on the Burberry website, so I would wager that they are not discontinued. Did you ask Saks or NM to see if there were any available at any of the stores? Otherwise, if you really want the bag, you'll have to forgo the points and buy at Burberry.


Apr 22, 2009
if it was the explode chk they sold out
see if they can get it from another store so you can get you points or just go to the store. is it the messenger bag if its the open tote the Burberry stores have them from $545