Burberry notebooks

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  1. I noticed that the UK burberry has them for 50pounds. Is it possible to call the U.S. one to see if they will ship a notebook to the USA? I really want a notebook with the haymarket check. I wonder why the sites have different items. Anyway, there is not notebook on the US site. Has anyone done that before?
  2. the U.S has one but irs the Brit check. i htink they go for $150-300 not sure off hand.
  3. really? In the burberry stores? ^^ Thank you for answering my question. I would prefer a haymarket look, but Brit check is okay too. I wonder if they can ship me a haymarket check from the U.K.? I may have to make some phone calls.
  4. Did burberry ever do a shimmer check journal?
  5. ^^ Thanks for posting. yeah, I had spotted that one a few days ago. I emailed the seller for more pictures and he would not give me any. So I passed. I wanted to see the spine, the back cover, and the inside pages.