Burberry Newbie w/her First 'bag' *PIX*

  1. Hi ladies! *waves* Not a Burberry girl myself, only have a long wallet from BF, but as I swing by the store, something pulled me in :love: Though the most :drool: long jacket didn't work out w/me, but I manage to bring back my First Burberry...

    She is the bigger size of two, there are also different color combo, white leather trims in pink and white, warm Carmel leather in orangish red, khaki, brown. It's meant for shopaholic like me; easily stored by roll up & fasten by leather strap on back, :lol: For some reason, pink, white and khaki are more fuzzy, and the deeper colored ones feels more treated.

    The knee length coat is fully lined w/furs in pretty Cognac colored soft leather w/belt, 6 is tight fit while 8 looked like bath robe:push: Orig 2485, on sale for 1449. It's an awesome coat, too bad didn't click w/me.
    burberry shoulder.JPG Burberry crook.JPG Burberry hand.JPG
    Burberry full.JPG
  2. Sorry the pix are taken @ night, so didn't show the true color in model pix like last one. I love how she is very thin, yet still have a zipped pocket, cell phone and open pouch. The color is great for all season IMO :yes:
  3. Hi Classic chic! Nice to hear you've come over to the burberry site as well! ;)
    Lovely bag, Congrats!!
  4. very cute bag, congrats!
  5. Congrats CC- love the pop of color!
  6. Yay...more LV temp converts!! I saw that bag on he site and came really close to getting it. Congrats-very useful tote!
  7. Welcome to Burberry Classic Chic! Great choice on the bag! It looks wonderful on you!

  8. Gorgeous tote! and it looks good on you!
  9. Gorgeous! Both the bag and you!
  10. :blush: Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :blush: Sure it's nice to see some familiar faces :lol:. I used to stay away from it b/c there's no boutique and Saks/NM have poor selection, but I can see myself more often in store and it goes on sales too :p: Still can't get my mind out of it, anyone know which coat I'm talking about? Couldn't find a pix on their website :'(
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats, it looks really cute with your outfit !
  13. Love the colour - and it goes well with your clothes. Kind of fine college style, classy but not conservative...
    Regina :tup: