Burberry Mint Green Nova Check

  1. Does anyone know a website that sells the mint green nova check purses? I recently spotted a girl carrying one in Boston and I really like it...not sure if it was authentic or not? Or if burberry even makes a light green colored check purse? please help!
  2. did you try any of the outlets in boston
    or try calling burberry store and describing it maybe they can help you
  3. Does anyone know if or approximately when Burberry offered Nova check items in pastel green? That is my fav. color and I have only seen one item, a headband, on eBay a couple of years ago. Curious in Fla., ~K.
  4. I have never seen the Nova check in green but they do have it in platinum due to the fall season. I just sold a black and platinum nova check. Sorry haven't seen green at all:sad:
  5. I think poonski, a tpf member, got the green burberry tote. I think she said she got it at an outlet. I think it came out 2 years ago.