Burberry Metallic Wristlet

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  1. So I have been lusting after Burberry's quilted pewter pouchette, but I am nervous about the fact that it is a metallic, as I fear it may chip off? I know if it's a designer it should be safe, but I had a Biasia metallic bag, and it flaked off so bad. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Burberry pouchette? I don't want to spend the money on it for it to crap out on me.

  2. i just got one with the Saks sale, haha if the same applies, i will start rethinking the items i buy from burberry!

    their nova check wallets start to crack in the leather lining after a couple months of regular use
  3. It may have been through mishandling and such from customers who looked at the product, but when I saw anything that wasn't a canvas bag (shimmer or metallic sort of thing) it looked as if the stuff was coming off.

    And the trim on a lot of their wallets does crack/flake off as well.