Burberry merchandise credit

  1. I hope this isn't appropriate, but I need some advice. I bought something for a gift for my SO from burberry online and then exchanged it for something else at the store. Now I no longer want the new item #1, because I bought another new item #2 from the store. I didnt exchange new item #1 for new item #2 because at the time I didnt have new item #1 with me, and new item #2 was on sale and I was afraid would get snatched up. Is there anything I can do to get a refund for new item #1? (Can they "return new item #2 and then exchange" even though I've taken the tags off of new item #2?) The credit would be worth almost $1,000 and I just cannot afford to buy something else, or have the credit lying around. =( Any help appreciated.
  2. Wow, this seems complicated! Seems like item # 1 should be the only item up for return. Someone else just asked about their policies and they seem to be strict regarding tags, receipts and 30 days for refunds. Do you have any of that?
  3. lolitat- I tried to respond to this post...but I could not follow it! I commend you :p
  4. haha i know its crazy complicated, but I actually got it all straightened out! I got a refund and paid for item #2 with the credit from item #1. I have to say though, I was very very insulted by an SA at the burberry in NY on spring street. When I asked to return, he looked at the jacket, which was in perfect condition (its black and had some white particles on it, I cant explain, its the usual everyday stuff that gets stuck to black clothes all the time, and was the way I received it, you can just dust it off with a lint remover, but they didnt and had packed it in a gift box that way) and had the gall to say, and WHERE has this jacket been sitting??? Have you worn it? I was shocked! First of all, all the tags were on it, secondly it was in perfect condition (and a MAN's jacket). I think he was being rude because I didn't look nice that day (just threw on some clothes to do some holiday shopping), but I was quite insulted. Anyway, had to vent. The 5th avenue burberry was much much nicer, and I felt much less snobby!!
  5. Glad everythinhg worked out for you!