Burberry Manor in White

  1. Hi, I'm so excited I justed ordered the Manor bag in White from NAP sale at £556.00. Can't wait for it to arrive- does anyone alse have this one, it has the silver hardwear.
  2. Congratulations. It's a BEAUTIFUL bag! :tup:
  3. Congrats- this bag is beautiful!
  4. Congratulations! I have the bag in black & it is stunning! I've seen the white IRL and it is exquisite. I haven't used mine yet - waiting for the right moment. Anyway, yYou will love it. Unbelievable price by the way!
  5. Oh my god, that is such a good price. I went on there but it was gone. Lucky for you! show us the picture when you get it ok. :tup:
  6. Thanks for all your comments, will post again when it arrives!
  7. Just for info , have just checked NAP and the Manor is still avail!
  8. Sorry for not knowing, but what is the link to NAP?

  9. Hi! I aways just google Net-A-Porter and up it comes! I think it is www.net-a-porter.com. The bag is still there I just checked, happy shopping!
  10. Hey there, you don't need the hyphens in the webaddress. You can access it be typing in www.netaporter.com

    Hope you get your bag!
  11. It's arrived! Really beautiful and although the colour says white it is IMO slightly off white- which is even better!:yahoo:
  12. Pics pics pics! :nuts: I want to see! :p

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  13. congrats! do post modelling pics when you get it
  14. Not sure how to do! Will investigate and have a go!
  15. Congratulations!!