Burberry Manor in Chocolate or Beige??!!

  1. Right, Now that I have finally decided to go for one or the other, both on sale, I'd like opinions on which colour to get. I have always liked the look of the beige in both leather and patent, however I actually thought twice about the patent when I held it in the boutique, it didn't feel or look as nice as the black or berry patent. Then I noticed the chocolate version which was also on sale, and even though I have numerous brown bags the chocolate is more of a brown/black than a general brown. From a distacnce it could almost pass for black in certain lights. But I must admit that the beige is quite alluring/striking as it is brighter against my wardrobe and stands out more..oh what do I do??!!!
  2. do you have pictures is this one of them?
  3. I would have killed for this one LOL but thats just me
  4. This bag looks like the "Westbury" bag, not the Manor. The Manor has the lock in front of the bag and it's connected to a flap.
    But it's also a very nice bag...
    Regina :smile:
  5. is this the style?
  6. Yes, this is the Manor in all its beauty...:heart:
  7. Yes that is the beautiful manor..sigh!! I was hoping to get it this weekend, but wasn't feeling well, six months pregnant, with a crazy monkey of a son keeping me occupied so will have to be sometime this week. I posted a thread authenticating one I found on eBay in the beige as the beige in the boutique where I live has scratches on the rolled leather handles, and they will not budge on the price, the chocolate on the other hand is flawless, but I am unsure whether to go for the beige on eBay or the chocolate in the boutique. Both work out the same price wise as these two are currently on sale..Help please!!
  8. [​IMG]This is the manor in beige which is almost taupe in some lights, and it is full leather. I can't seem to locate a picture of the chocolate one anywhere. If anyone here comes across one do post it for comparison purposes so everyone else knows what I mean
  9. darn't can't see the beige do you have a link to the auction :O)
  10. No, the seller has decided to wait for my response and then set up a buy it now if I decided to go ahead with it but if you go to the authenticate this burberry forum you'll see the pics she sent via my e-mail. I thought she's already set it up as a buy it now, but she seems to be considerate enough, for now!! I did manage to locate this link showing victoria beckham with what looks to be her carrying the chocolate version in that light, but it's so hard to tell, it could well be black, and below a still archive shot of the beige http://fabsugar.com/18912
  11. love the color good luck :O)
  12. on your newer pic's I just get red x
    the bag looks good are you from her area?
    she has low feedback are you paying with paypal for protection
  13. There was a mini manor like this in the Houston boutique last Tuesday. You can call and check.
  14. awww thanks but Im a big bag lover :O)