Burberry Manor bag

  1. Anyone got one? I am very tempted....
  2. any photo{s}?
  3. its this one...
  4. oooh pretty!:yes:
  5. missbradshaw - you're not allowed one!
  6. haha ok!
  7. Ehh... looks like a hybrid between a Celine Boogie bag and a Mark Jacobs quilted bag. Not feeling it, personally!
  8. I'm usually not a fan of Burberry but I love it! I like the large quilting and the leather looks so soft.
  9. I saw one in store today - its a nice size and isnt too dear, ie under £800
  10. Love it...me want the Prorsum nova check bag as well...burberry is high end!!!!
  11. I just put my name on the waiting list for it last week! The SF store is only getting 2 bags of each color (Black, Bone and Brown) and size (Medium and Large). Are you thinking of getting one?
  12. i saw it in grazia before and i love it!
  13. it looks like a nice bag.
  14. i love it!! i would get one def.
  15. I think it's beautiful. Much better looking than a MJ quilted bag IMO.
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