Burberry Manor Bag - No paperwork?

  1. Hi there! I just picked up a black Manor bag after lusting after it for some time now. I was lucky enough to snag it up at the Nordstrom sale the other week for about $700 off the regular price. The bag is in great shape, smells great and has no wear to it. It came with a tan colored Burb dust bag but it didn't have any of the Burberry paperwork - you know those little things they inundate you with. I really think the bag may have been purchased and returned or someone could have taken it out by error. Anyway, would you be suspicious or keep the bag?
  2. Wow, that is a toughie. I would check with Nordies because it should have been given to you. Maybe because it was a return they lowered the price. Show pics.
  3. I would call Nordies.