Burberry Manor 85$ less at neiman?

  1. Did anyone else see that the manor bag is 1595 at neiman an 1680 at burberry? i hate when these sites have diffrent prices!
    i also wanted to share my problem i had with Neimans online website in december.
    i bought a burberry bag that was 1695 from neiman. then i saw it a week later on the burberry website for 1295. so i called neiman and i asked them to price match it. no one called me back. i kept calling and calling,then someone told me to fax them the link to the burberry website. they said they would call me back and they didnt! so i called again, finally they said they couldn't do it because it was to big of a price match. i told them if they couldn't do it i was going to return the bag and buy it from burberry. they didn't care. so i had to sent i back and get it from burberry. the sales people were very rude from neiman i could not believe it! i love this website and was so upset when this happend.:tdown::tdown::tdown:
  2. This is not the first time I hear complaints about NM... makes me think twice about placing an order there - and no, Burberry unfortunately does not match prices, seems they leave it entirely to the seller...
    Regina :tdown:
  3. sounds like a horrible experience. You should definitely tell a manager. Sometimes SAs arent the nicest people and the managers need to know.