Burberry Manor 50% off!

  1. I LOVE that bag!

    I have been searching for it for a while, I have been eyeing one in tan on Portero.com (that place that was written up in the Washington Post). I can't find it now, maybe it sold? I can only find the Smella, is that really the name? Cute but too summery for me to buy now. I think I like this brown at LVR better though, I think.

    It's a killer bag...
  2. Thanks for the heads up... I agree... that is one killer bag. It looked great on Victoria Beckham...
  3. I looked at the measurements and it looks like the mini-manor. Does anyone know what size this is? I emailed LVR but haven't received a response.
  4. Wow great deal.

  5. I asked before and it isn't the mini. The measurments are "14.5 width x 9" height x 7" depth.
  6. It's a beauty. I was going to buy it but my BF says he likes it in white leather better. So I'm beginning a hunt for a white Manor on sale:ninja:
  7. Is that patent?
    I tried the red - didn't work out. :tdown:
    Maybe I'd have more luck with black - I just don't want a patent bag.
  8. NO, it isn't the patent. It's the regular quilted leather.
  9. It doesn't look like the patent one
  10. Hmmmm....there's a very good chance I might get this one. I have an email out to them - I want to triple/quadruple confirm that it's the regular size and not the patent. If all is in my favor, I think I need to have it.

  11. Good luck. :tup:
  12. LOL! Thanks.
    Me and the Manor have been having a love/hate relationship for quite some time now. We'll see how it goes! :supacool:
  13. I have a strong feeling the issue is going to be whether or not they get back to me. Sigh. :wtf:
  14. It's gone. I debated about this bag all week so I'm glad the decision was made for me! Did anyone order it?