Burberry @ Mall of America

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  1. any Minnesotans been there yet? it's located on the 1st floor, right across from Rain Forest Cafe, near Bloomingdale's. they just opened recently... i know one of the managers there, since i used to work with him at Club Monaco... so if you go shopping there, ask for Mike. he's super nice and funny, and definitely helpful!
  2. yep, and the CS leaves much to be desired. I saw a tote and asked for a smaller sized one (since they had a smaller sized one in different color sitting next to it) and they told me they can't order it for me. I mean, if Burberry boutique can't get something for me, who can? Not going back. They are friendly and all but really useless.
  3. I went there last Friday and they were super nice, some of the people who worked at Coach work there now (small retail world) There is a couple of dresses and shirts that I have my eye on. :p