Burberry-made where?

  1. Where is Burberry made? England? USA? Some tags say England, and others say USA, though it might just say USA on the fake Burberry items....

    Also, is it Burberry or Burberrys? I always thought it was both, and some where inbetween they changed their names? Does anyone know the story? If there is one....:smile:
  2. My polos are all made in England and my duffle was made in Italy.
  3. Bags should all be made in Italy.
    Re Burberrys - Burberry: the first name of the brand was Burberrys, then it changed about 8 years ago in Burberry.
  4. How about Burberry London??:confused1:
  5. I think all bags should be made in italy,and scarves can be england (london) or scotland?
    not sure about the USA though, sounds fake to me
  6. 95% of the burberry items have and are now being made in China.. really!!!
    You can even ask the SA's, they'll admit it.
    I believe the scarves will still be made in scotland.
    As for the bags, Most of it will be made in china, while other parts will be made in Italy.
    Therefore, the bag will then say made in italy

    Sources:La times, Third shift, multiple Burberry Sa's store managers.