Burberry London Outlet

  1. Has anyone been to the London Burberry Oulet store? I am making a trip to London in a couple of weeks and want to check it out if it is worth the trip from central London.

    Any good stuff there? Thanks!
  2. the outlet is a bit far from central london. i took a bus from the area near selfridge's (hyde park i belive) and it took almost an hour to get there. a subway gets there but doesnt drop you off as close to the store. the area also isnt great so don't get freaked out. the store is basically across the street from an elementary school and its like a HUGE HUGE warehouse. best deals are the scarves. i went in the fall when i was at oxford uni. i think a wool novacheck scarf is 25 pounds. the cashmere ones are 75 pounds and the cashmere/wool mix scarf is 50 pounds. still cheaper than in the US and you can get VAT back but bring a passport for ID. the prices on clothes and shoes arent as great. the variety of bags is very mixed and i bought my sister a the novacheck trifold wallet for 25-30 pounds. my SO got the novacheck scarf for 25 pounds and theres usually rainboots for 25 pounds. hope this helps! worth the trip but definitely buy everything you want during that one trip. i went twice and it takes a lot of time.
  3. I went a few years ago by car and it was far and somewhat worth it....no handbags that are worth while but tons of clothes and scarves! I got to jackets at amazing deals!
  4. The warehouse is in Hackney, off Morning Lane, you can get a bus there from Liverpool Street.

    Hackney is a rough area so dress down as there is a 15 minute walk from the main road to the warehouse.

    Quite a varied selection but check the quality of the logos as they are factory rejected, there are damaged items from shops, also very small or very large size.

    The clothes selection is more often than not, not fashionable.

    Best buys are scarves, kids clothing, umbrellas and wallets.

    The bags are not the cutest designs either.

    Save a day for this trip as you have to do alot of rummaging and the journey is abit hassly.
  5. They have a better outlet at Bicester Village in Oxford. The outlet has many designer shops. google the website on Bicester Village Outlet shopping. Well worth the trip, there are regular coaches from Victoria.
  6. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Sounds like it might not be worth the trip for me. I really want a trench and a cool bag. Not so much into the scarves and umbrellas. I think I might check out Bicester Village instead (Thanks, Syma, for that tip) if I can manage it time-wise.
  7. Sounds kinda fun- I love the hunt! :p Might have to check this out when I go to London. But the "rough area" location kinda scares me :s
  8. Ok. Here's my report. I had decided not to go to the London outlet because of the difficult location and it sounded like there might be nothing good there. However, I woke up early on my first day in London and my first thought was that I just had to go to that outlet!

    We ended up taking the tube to Bethnal Green and then hiring a cab. The area was rather rough plus it was raining heavily and was very cold. It was worth the 7L each way for the cab. Not to mention that there was NO WAY we could have found the place on our own.

    The report: I thought it was worth the trip. I did get a nice quilted jacket and a couple of scarves. The scarves were plentiful. No trench coats to be found. Clearance items were mostly unappealing. There were several nice bags but the only Nova Check bags were very expensive (I thought). Since most of the stuff is second quality, I think you can get a first quality Nova Check bag in the U.S. for the same price or less than the outlet. We went to Harrods the next day and the bags there that were comparable were only a slightly more expensive.

    However, I think I got a great deal on the jacket and scarves. And it was a lot of fun, if not an adventure.
  9. ^^^ Congrats on the goodies! Please post pics!
  10. congrats!! pics please. :yes:
  11. how much are the jackets? My dad is going to London in july and I need to know how much to give him. I want rainboots, an umbrella, and scarf. Anyways, I'm hoping he has time to visit the outlet seein as this is a business trip.

    I'm glad you found some nice stuff, please post pictures and hopefully it will give me an idea. Also, I noticed that there will be a burberry outlet in georgia, would it be better to shop the outlet in the states or the UK?
  12. The thing with the London outlet is that it's truly an outlet in that they get returns and what not from the stores. The one at Bicester Village looks like a regular Burberry store but with discounts, the Bicester outlet always has tons of coats and a reasonable amount of bags.
  13. Thanks, guys! Would love to post pics but will have to wait until DH comes back from a business trip as he is the computer literate one.

    There were lots of styles of jackets, mostly quilted ones. They had some button up styles that were on clearance for 99L, which is a pretty good deal. The zip up ones were not on clearance but were 119L (still not a bad deal). They also had some other heavier quilted ski-type jackets on clearance.They had a few wool and heavier coats that were pretty expensive (400-500L?). They had a darling down vest that was Nova Check plaid with a rabbit fur collar (179L). Totally cute! (However, looked dorky on me).

    They had a lot of cosmetic bags for 29L. Several styles of bags in the pink and blue check. Some wool bags on clearance for 49L (I think). They had a very large bag (kind of manor bag style) in the PVC Nova Check with black leather handles for 249L. I can't remember seeing umbrellas or rainboots. But they did have a small shoe section and I do remember seeing leather boots. With the exchange rate being so high, it had to be a pretty darn good deal to make it worth it. But it was fun to go. Bicester Village sounds like it might be better but I just didn't have the time for that on this trip.

    Scored a trench on sale at Nordie's last weekend and they had some great Burberry leather bags on sale. I heard that more Burberry stuff is getting marked down for the Nordie's sale starting this week. Also Burberry itself is having a great sale. I think overall that the sale stuff is priced better than the stuff at the outlet.
  14. Thanks, that gives me an idea of about how much I should give him. I hope they have umbrellas when he goes and rainboots. I know I want a scarf but I really want an umbrella and rainboots.
  15. Has anyone been to this outlet recently?

    What kind of stuff do they have right now?