Burberry London Outlet Advice!

  1. I was wondering if any of you have been to the Burberry outlet in London and if it was worth the trip.

    My mother is going to be in London for a wedding and I want to know if it would be worth while for her to make the trip to the outlet for me.

    I really want her to find me a nice shoulder bag and a scarf.

    What are the prices like of those items?

    Are the deals at the London outlet better than the deals at the outlets in the states? :confused1:

    I know I would be sad if I made my mother take time out of her busy schedule to go and later find out that I could have gotten similar items here in the states for much cheaper. :sad:

    So I thought I'd check with ya'll and make sure it was a great place to go before sending her there.

    Thanks for your help! :yes:
  2. You can find more information on the Burberry outlet if you search Yahoo!Travel; just type in "Burberry Outlet London" and you should get a lot of answers, as quite a lot of people who went there left a rating and commentary there.
    It seems that the merchandise oscillates between extremely good and incredibly bad (with torn sweaters)...
    Almost all of the customers there, satisfied or not, found the sas extremely unpolite, even rude! :cursing:
    They don't seem to have changing rooms there, so if you want to try on a sweater or soemthing else you either have to do it in the aisles or not at all. So it's best if you know your exact size. They do have mirrors, though!

    It's also quite a way to go there as the tube doesn't go there and you have to take a bus from the nearest tube station.