Burberry Ledbury

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  1. Hi all,

    I have looked high and low for the perfect bag and I think I have narrowed it down to two..a Mulberry Alexa or a Burberry Ledbury. I am swaying towards to Ledbury as I think Burberry has a bit more of a classic look?

    Anyone own a Burberry Ledbury and have any advice? Is it as good as it looks? I basically want an everyday slouchy kind of bag that can be dressed up or down. Was thinking about either the taupe colour or classic black.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I don't own a ledbury but i did own an alexa once lol. Alexa is functional but not very suitable for a professional environment in my opinion because it is a slouchy satchel. The Ledbury is cute, and can be used as a hobo or a satchel and the plain leather look can be dressed up and down. Both bags are awesome though! Happy Deciding!:smile:
  3. I have a Ledbury and I get complimented on it all the time. I think it has a classic look and I like that you don't see this bag everywhere. The leather is very soft, but doesn't get scratched easily (from experience). Also, it doesn't get crease marks from being slouchy, but the really soft leathers (e.g. soft spongy, smooth matte) from Mulberry would.

    The Ledbury fits a lot more than you would think ... When I use it for work, I can fit a file folder (the bendable kind), my lunch in Tupperware, wallet, small makeup bag, agenda and sunglasses case. If you're comparing to a Mulberry, the Burberry Ledbury is closer in size to an oversized Alexa, I would think. I find the regular Alexa too small for an everyday bag, and it's also a casual kind of slouchy, whereas the Ledbury is more structured even in its slouchy state. That said, I love Mulberry, and would highly recommend the Bayswater if you're looking for an everyday bag and you want it to fit a decent amount of stuff. The NVT leather is to die for ! It gets more buttery with age and develops a lovely patina.

    Both bags are great choices!