Burberry leather

  1. I'm seriously thinking about ordering this, but I've never touched Burberry leather before. Is their leather nice?

  2. I think they're leather is great!
    Not too buttery/slouchy where you're afraid of it damaging easily, but also not stiff.
    Soft and durable!
  3. I think the prorsum leather is nice.
  4. If I don't get to see it in person soon, I may take a chance and order it. The leather looks beautiful.:love:
  5. The metallic "plaid" embossed leather is a little harder--but all the other Burberry leather bags I've touched are very soft and appear very durable.

    If you're going to order it through NM--it looks like NM pic--I think the code "BEST" will give you free shipping...
  6. Burberry leather is a lot better in person. The pictures don't look good. I love my leather Burberry's and they are very durable. You can also call the store and ask them questions I can recommend an amazing SA if you are interested...