Burberry leather tote

  1. I don't have this exact bag, but I have the baby beaton in this exact color and it is great leather and a good color. I do have a hobo shape Burberry bag and it is quite nice--easy to carry as well as to find things! I have several Burberry bags, and my only qualm with them is that the smooth leather seems to be scratched somewhat easily--has anyone else noticed this? I have the metallic smooth leather (which doesn't show scratches, at least so far), and a couple of pebbled leather bags which also don't show scratches.
  2. I own this bag in black in the LARGE size...which is huge! But I love it...the leather is nice..it has pockets for phones/ipods/palm pilots..and has a nice zippered pocket inside...very spacious! I would get it..it's very durable...the only thing I don't like is the hard handle..when mine is full it can kind of hurt my shoulder..but it's slowly getting softer!
  3. Very nice- love the leather and the color!