Burberry Leather Hobo $369 down from $810

  1. pBUR-3338524t251x309.jpg
  2. Wow! great deal, but i'm not looking for one--nice find!
  3. great find
  4. love the bags... damn my ban!!!!
  5. how did you find that? i'm looking around on the site and I cant seem to find it by clicking around (without the direct link from you) :shrugs:
  6. for the check bag I just went to sale >> accessories.. I also could just browse to the hobo earlier today --- but right now I can't...

    ETA: if I type in 'hobo' in the search the black bag comes up and is available...
  7. I have been checking the Burberry site for at least 2 months under accessories and I have never found any bag on sale as good as the hobo you found. I do not know how you found it but I would really appreciate your help in finding a Burberry handbag in the future. Thanks!