Burberry Leather Cinda

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  1. I saw this Brown (Sienna colour?) Leather Cinda on sale. When is this style from? Would you buy it if it's missing the inner pocket zipper pull (but the zipper is still there and working)?
  2. I don't remember when it came out- but it is a beautiful bag
  3. I've a Burberry Mini Cinda in Sienna colour and I think it came out in A/W 2005. I got mine at a Burberry outlet last October for 200 € and it was in perfect conditions, so if some parts are missing I would buy it for much less. You can see mine in my collection and remember that sieena is more red than brown.
  4. Wow! Your cinda is very nice! And you got an excellent deal! I am also a big fan of Furla too!! I guess you're lucky since you're in Italy. Do they cost less than in US?
  5. You won't believe it, but Burberry is less expensive in USA than in Europe:confused1:
    I checked in Burberry.com
    Thanks for your kind words! You have a huge collection if Furla (this is less expensive in Italy instead :tup:)