Burberry Large Quilted Nylon Tote

  1. Hi everyone

    I just bought a red Large Quilted Nylon Tote at NM for $230. If it's not cancelled, it will be my first burberry. :p It's pretty big. Can this be carried as a purse? Or is it a tote for carrying stuff like books around?
  2. So lucky!!! I keep refreshing the page trying to get that bag. I think it is the large and you should be able to carry your books.

    But, if you don't want it- you can always cancel your order so I can get her! LOL
  3. I'll post here first if I cancel so you have a chance to get it. I've been going bag crazy lately, so I feel pretty guilty about getting another one. :shame:
  4. Great price for the bag!
  5. Congrats- pics please!

  6. I'm still haven't figured out how the NW website works. 1 minute you see a bag and the next minute you don't.
  7. pics please?
  8. Wow thats such an amazing deal. I remember someone posting that in the deals/steals section but I got to it too late. I hope you end up receiving it and post pics soon.
  9. I just got the bag and it is so pretty! It's my first burberry:yes:. It's a little larger than I expected, probably a little large to use as an every day bag. I'll probably use it when I need a large tote-type bag. The red is gorgeous, not too bright but a pretty, warm red. The only disappointment is that NM (as usual) packed it into a box thats too small, so they folded it and now the nylon part is seemingly permanently wrinkled.:hrmm: I'll try to post a pic later modeling it!
  10. Can't wait to see the pics!
  11. I notice that they have another red one up today. If anyone is interested in getting one, check the NM website cause it seems like they tend to have the same bags up a few times a day.
  12. Do you have pic of your bag? I want to know what it looks like..Thanks
  13. I have this bag in black! I love it, i use it for an everyday bag. for school it's great because I can fit all of my books in it and then it also keeps its shape nicely when i have nothing in it too. i love it :tup: if i can remember, i'll take pictures of it over the weekend
  14. Pictures, please!!! Something to drool over...
    Regina :drool: