Burberry Knight advice please

  1. Anyone who has the burberry knight do you find it very heavy or too big thinking of getting one do you recommend them
  2. Hi Jackie,

    if you are talking about the studded knight bag, that is probably very heavy and might even weigh a couple of kilograms...there is another studded Burberry bag, comparable to the Knight bag (I don't recall the name) and that weighs 5 kg!!! This is ridiculous, I don't know what they were thinking at Burberry when they designed that bag... maybe they also give you a voucher for an appointment at your local chiropractitioner...

    Regina :mad:
  3. I was thinking of the plain black one which my local boutique has on sale for £400.00
  4. I have the Knight Stachel. I haven't taken any pics of it yet, but I'm attaching one of Cameron Diaz with the bag I have. Is this the one you're talking about?

    I originally saw it at Saks and when I tried it on it was lighter than I expected, but a bit heavier than any of my other bags. However, the straps are pretty versatile...you can wear it on your shoulder or carry it on your elbow and both are comfortable. You can also kind of even outthe distribution of whatever you keep in your bag, because it's split down the middle into two big zippered compartments.

    I can guarantee that you'll start filling this thing up like never before, simply because there is that much room. This is where Regina's comment above proves true...carrying this thing around too much could probably screw with your alignment a bit. I guess switching off bags and changing it up a bit couldn't hurt.

    Anyway, good luck with your decision. I do love my bag, if that helps at all!
  5. Thanks for your comments yes it does help
  6. Has anyone found the Burberry studded Knight satchel on sale anywhere? I missed the sale at Nordstrom and I know that the Burberry stores don't have it sale. Any suggestions would be appreciated.:yes:

  7. I went into Burberry store in hk yesterday and they have it on sale for 30% off.. I am still thinking if I should get it .. it seems a little bit heavy !!
  8. It's a bit heavy but I love it. You can see if Nordstrom can call around to see if they have any left on sale that's where I got mine. You can put everything in it because it's that big.
  9. I have decided to order one should be with me tomorrow
    £500.00 in the sale seems like a great deal hope I like it

  10. Thank you for the suggestion, Shopalicious. I just wish it were on sale somewhere here in the US. The custom charges would kill me if I bought it from HK. Too bad I don't know anyone who lives there.:cursing:

  11. Did you happen to get yours on sale at Nordies? If so, you are very lucky! :woohoo:
  12. Received my Knight bag this morning really love it I was worried it would be too big but it is the perfect size:heart:
  13. jackie1, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get your studded knight bag from?
  14. Its only the plain black one but the leather is beautiful I got it from the burberry shop in london
    The studded one wasn't in the sale though
    good luck in finding one
  15. I bought the Knight in housecheck because it was simply to heavy for daily use! the Burberry Boutique in both Takashimaya and Paragon had the Burberry Patent Perforated Satchel in Nickel and Black.. and Paragon had the Knight Studded in Black and in Housecheck.. i got mine 50% off and im pretty sure those were the same too...