burberry kids size 14- can I fit into this?

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  1. I ordered a kid's rain trench in a size 14. I normally wear a p/xs/ and in burberry coats a size 2 but in other brands a 0p. Will I be able to fit into this? Has anyone tried on a kids size 14 coat before?
  2. most of my friends who have tried on the 14 (they wear your size) said that the shoulder area is super tight. that and the arm length. if you have short arms, it could work. or it could work as a 3/4 length coat. hope that helps!
  3. I wear a 00 or 0p for adults and I have no problem fitting a size 12 or size 14. The size 14 is sometimes too big for me around the shoulders but if you have long arms, it might be too short.
  4. i would definitely love to see a pic when you get it because i was thinking of ordering the same coat, but sometimes kids clothes are cut differently than adults and i have boobs so i'm a little leery
  5. yah definitely post pics!! I'm curious to see! I usually wear xxs in most clothes