Burberry Japan

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  1. Hi. I'm new to Burberry and am planning to get my very first Burberry bag. Wanted to get a Burberry Blue Label, but my friend told me that she managed to find a Burberry bag for around 27000jpy, and she mentioned to me that the bag is made in Japan. However, she noticed that there is only "burberry" on the tag, without the "london".

    Can someone please advice? Thanks a bunch...
  2. They are less expensive yes than Burberry London. I think they area great way to buy authentic Burberry and save some money.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. But I mean the one my friend spotted is not a Burberry Blue Label but Burberry London. But the price for that particular bag is even lower than buying even from Europe. The tag states "BURBERRY" without the word "London" and it's made in Japan.

    Do you think it's authentic? (She spotted it at a counter in departmental store, not the Burberry outlet)

  4. with the current exchange rate it wouldn't be cheaper to buy in yen.

  5. ^^ You should have her take pics and get it authenticated here.
  6. if your friend spotted it in a department store in japan, it has to be real. japanese department store are very reputable. they do sell both burberry london and burberry blue label items

    if it's a burberry blue label item, the metal tag usu just says BURBERRY BLUE LABEL but a fabric tag inside should say BURBERRY LONDON BLUE LABEL
  7. dun forget... they also have the Black Label ..