Burberry Ipod Holders

  1. what do you guys think of these ?, I saw one in a sale recently for £37 and I thought It was a steal...I wish I would have bought it ! :crybaby: LOL

  2. Love the regular Nova check- and yeah you should've bought it when you had the chance j/k lol
  3. i've seen this too on severe discount. would've definitely bought the novacheck if i had an ipod....TOO CUTE!
  4. I want the one in CANDY CHECK !!! too cute. :yes:
  5. They are adorable! Makes me want to get an iPod!
  6. regular check = how much is that USD?
  7. I love the pink one. :smile:
  8. the pink one is :love:
  9. so cute! the pink one matches my Burberry novacheck cashemere candy pink earmuffs and scarf!