Burberry instant reveal!

  1. Heyyy everyone!! Anyone ready for a reveal? Well, I have two items to share with you here! I love both of them so much! I bought one on black friday and i bought one two weeks prior at the outlets.

    I'm just going to reveal it because i'm too excited!

    Here it is!





    My trench!!
    It was originally $975 retail, outlet price of $699 and on sale for $549 with an additional 50% off so I got it for $274.50+tax!! I thought it was sucha great price! I also wanted to get the quilted jacket. I was so close, about to pay actually, in getting the white quilted jacket because it was on sale for $150. But i decided not to because it was final sale and I really really wanted it in black. So i guess i'll just wait and get the black one. They were selling it for $319. I'll probably cave in and get it. Maybe after the holidays. As for bags, there were a few cute ones that i saw but i didnt end up getting any.

    The other burberry item that I got was another outerwear. Pictures are soon to follow. I didn't get a chance to take pics of that yet. I got it about 2 weeks before black friday and I'm so glad I got it!

    Anyways..thanks for letting me share with ya'll what I bought! I love it and hope you'll like it too!

  2. Love your trench! Great price for a classic! Post pics of the other item!
  3. Very good price, congrats.
  4. such a good deal, congrats!
  5. oh my god. that's a killer price. you are so lucky.
  6. Thanks!! I'll post it tomorrow for sure!!


    Thank you!!

    Thankyou!! I know! I was so surprised to find out it was 50% off! I thought it just happened to be in the wrong section but surprisingly it wasnt.
  7. The trench was also not supposed to be 50% of $549. Apparantly someone marked $549 by mistake. The cashier told another SA to change all of the pricing on the other ones! So I got lucky for getting it 50% off of $549 instead of $699.
  8. Very nice trench coat and what a bargain. Congrats.
  9. Congrats! I love the trench coat! It's such a versatile piece!
  10. Nice trench, even nicer price!!!
  11. Thankyou!! I love the price too!

    thanks!! :smile:

    Thanks!! :smile: And I'm so glad I got it for that price.
  12. such an awesome piece at an awesome price, congrats!
  13. you are so lucky
  14. beautifulllllll.
  15. Wow, you did good, what a bargain :nuts:!
    Many congratulations to you and enjoy!