Burberry in Woodbury - any good deals?

  1. I go to woodbury a few times during the year but I was never interested in Burberry until recently so I never checked out the outlet. I very much regret it. :crybaby: So to everyone that goes there, how much of a sale is there? I'm only interested in the bags for now so if you picked up an item there can you post a picture of your purchase and the price you paid ? (retail too if possible).

    And it would be great if you mention during what time of the year you got it at (christmas, thanksgiving, etc.)

  2. I've been in there a few times over the last two years or so, and they always have the same stuff...usually the pink and blue plaid bags, and they're usually the tiny ones.

    They always have a TON of scarves, though, and in like every color.
  3. Hi kabella9, what is the price range of the pink and/or blue plaid bags if you remember?
  4. They are also having a sample sale there until Sept. 3. I hate sample sales tho...Too junky.
  5. Hey, I'm looking to buy a nova scarf and was wondering if the Woodbury outlet would have good prices (compared to retail). Does anyone happen to know what the price range for a nova scarf would be at the outlet ? TIA!
  6. Do they have earmuffs at the outlet too? What type of accessories do they carry?
  7. Hey ladies...I'm usually over on the Coach board (don't hate me!) but this year I've decided I'm going to plunk down the cash for a Burberry scarf that I've wanted for years.

    I'd still like to get a deal on it of course! heheh...my friend and I are headed to the Woodbury outlets in NY this saturday...what are the odds of them having scarves in stock? And what about the ever-popular nova/camel check scarves?

  8. I was there last weekend- they are $129 for the cashmere winter scarves. They had a lot of the light pink and baby blue, and a few of the regular novacheck in the camel color. I went there hoping to get one but somehow the ones in the outlet didnt look as nice as the ones at Neimans. there was something off about them for me but maybe im crazy. The pink and blue (they also had some weird purple, red, etc. w/o the regular novacheck) were an additional percentage off, but not the camel.
    As a side note: the burberry outlet didnt have any of the constance quilted jackets in stock. Also, the coach store at woodbury is not a signature outlet and when i was there there was very little good stuff. Hopefully they will have put more things out by the time you get there.
  9. What is a Coach Signature outlet?
  10. a Coach Outlet that carries signature...not all of them do.

    thanks for the heads up glamgirl84...very much appreciated! I'm still hoping for a nova or camel scarf...but if they are as "off" as you say they are...I'll suck it up and buy at a full retail store.

    thanks again!
  11. The Burberry website has some scarves on sale for around $180, marked down from almost $300.
  12. does the woodbury burberry outlet do any phone orders??
  13. well...I went yesterday, and saw a ton of scarves...however they were either lambswool or a cashmere/wool blend...too itchy for me. was really hoping for an all cashmere scarf.

    thanks all for the help anyway! my quest continues...might pick one of these colors off the burberry website...any opinions on which to get? for some reason, I'm leaning toward the spring check one...but all my "winter" outerwear is either black, brown, or grey

  14. REALLY! I guess i shouldnt really be surprised b/c a lot of people were looking at them and grabbing for them when i was there. I guess they went pretty fast :sad: But honestly, you didnt miss much b/c like i said- they were all a litttle funky (even though i cant quite place how). I say if youre going to plunk down all that money for a burberry scarf go w/ the original, basic novacheck. although the other color combos are nice, they dont scream burberry, which I think a scarf SHOULD for that kind of moolah!
  15. to all arm candy afficionados, woodbury doesn't take phone orders. I found the steal of the century -- $0.99 for a pair of ladies wide leg linen pants in black. That' s right you didn't read it wrong.