Burberry in Hong Kong ?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Does anyone know How many times Burberry in Hong Kong sale ? When are they ? How is their price compared to US ?

    Thanks !!
  2. Yes, I'd love to know this info...my mom is headed to Hong Kong in October and I'd love for her to shop for me! Are there any tips for finding Burberry at good prices??
  3. there is a burberry store at the tung chung citygate outlets
  4. That's great - have you been to this shop? What are the prices like and does the store carry a large inventory?
  5. i was there in early april. it's a pretty big store and i think it's split fairly evenly b/w mens and womens stuff. they had shoes, bags, accessories and childrens stuff too. prices are alright. i think you'll find most designer stuff in HK is pretty pricey, so the prices may be better at the outlets in the US after the exchange rate...
  6. There are second hand stores with decent price, sometimes they sell "like new" items. It's all over the place.
  7. i saw rather huge boutiques in HongKong (Tsim Sha Tsui and another district) selling burberry design bags, exactly the same models from the checked nova series. for about the same price. but the name of the brand is not burberry, it's something longer (i can't remember it now).

    was so shocked then. anyone knows that brand? if it's a 'copy'/'replica', why does it have such a big boutique by its own, and selling at the same prices??