Burberry HB's 30% off @ Nordstrom

  1. I work at the Nordstrom in Westchester NY...we are offering SELECTED Burberry styles at 30% off until Monday. We are honoring the online sale as well as the sale going on in the Burberry store at our mall. Most of the patent collection, some nylon quilted, the beatons & baby beatons, the Burberry print bags in the fabric. But NONE of the original haymarket or nova check print bags. I won't be in tomorrow...but if you're interested call anyone on our team and they can help you.
  2. o0o im going to have to check the Nordstrom in ca
  3. yeah i'm the designer specialist and i got in touch with my regional manager and we decided to honor the sale. i know SOME stores in our area & new jersey are honoring it too. but it depends if there is a burberry store in the mall where there is a Nordstrom too. but call your store & check! sometimes they will honor it. i know at our store if there are sales at other stores for merchandise we have, we always try to honor it!