Burberry Haymarket??

  1. Does anyone own anthing from the Burberry Haymarket collection? What's your opinion of this collection?Love it or hate it?:heart:
  2. I love their canine stuff!
  3. I love it especially the bag Oprah chose for her top 25 last year ...
    But again I love bags ... totally addicted
  4. anyone else? Love your opinions
  5. love it! don't have to worry about getting it stained like the nova check.
  6. I love it. Have several of them. Very durable and takes heavy use really well. I prefer it over the newer PVC material ones they use on the nova checks.
  7. I have both Haymarket and Nova Check and I love them. It can handle my abuse and I just wipe it clean with a baby wipe. I prefer Haymarket over Nova Check because the trim and straps are leather and not patent leather.
  8. The newer Haymarket PVC stains, too! Beware!
  9. That's true. I just used mine for the first time last Wednesday and I already had denim transfer. :sad:
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