Burberry haymarket check bowling bag VS LV Dmamier speedy quality

  1. Well, i love both, haymarket n Speedy n owned both of them...to be honest with u, I love my haymarket is bcos they r somehow unique n not many ppl carried them vice versa the speedy...in terms of the both quality I can say it's 50/50.. I can't say LV coated canvas r better then Burberry or the other way round..to me LV is an old classic, timeless n Burberry is the new classic of an old version, its trendy, fun, fresh n colourful...Oh btw, on the colour transfer or ink mark, for colour transfer my fav SA told me to watch out with those highly dyed jeans n make sure to wash ur new jeans couple of time before wearing it, usually there's no solution on colour transfer n just have to be careful not only on coated canvas but leather as well, I always have unscented baby wipes in my bag, coated canvas loves baby wipes..lol..so for the ink mark also the same, it's really hard for them to come off, I have small mark on my coated canvas, tried any of the cleaner but it's still there n not so obvious, the mark getting lighter so I can't be bothered anymore n got to becareful n enjoy my bag...HTH

    Don't worry bout the age matter, I'm in my mid 30's n haymarket can go well with any age group..good luck on deciding :smile:
  2. Just wondering If you're careful with your choice of colours that you wear as I some people have experienced colour transfer issues with heymarket .

    I have mostly balcks and navys in my wardrobe and i am litellay live in jeans.
    keep that in mind , i am wondering if I should be worried about dye transfer issues.
  3. I think the Burberry is more versatile.
  4. It depends what colour you decide on the haymarket for your aging. Is it for a everyday bag or outting bag? Haymarket I would use for everyday and speedy for short duration when outing cause it gets really tired and when you shop it's annoying cause you don't have free hand to look at many clothes at the same time, haymarket is versatile more but it's less classier than the speedy, they both have it's pros and con go for your heart and then later on buy the other one. I have both of it and use both of it equally, depending my mood, clothes, weather and where I'm going. By the way with speedy I am always struggle to find things, haymarket is more visualize. But haymarket I'm always paranoid about pick pocket... Gld!
  5. Opps I didn't reply to your qs properly sorry.. It's 3am in aus.. Tpf is addictive

    In terms of material quality I go for Burberry, saying that though the beige may need higher maintenance than the mono or DE speedy
  6. I have to agree with the above burberry is more durable and they are made with more quality. if you google lv they have a lot of problems with customer service and defects. burberrys customer service return with ease and no questions asked.
  7. I think the Burberry haymarket and the damier are both classics. Burberry's canvas is sturdier than that of Vuitton's damier and u don't have to worry about color transfer because i have haymarket products and there is not a single stain on them and they are easily cleanable. I do have one tiny almost invisible spot on my damier bag from LV so I don'
    t think burberry's haymarket is that prone to color transfer.