Burberry has absolutely the best customer service ever !!!!!

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  1. While high end luxury shops should all have absolutely great , wonderful service the truth is most of them don't in face many stores have just plain bad service ( store - company etc )

    I have delt with many high end shops as a customer as far as buying or bringing my item in for repair etc etc - some companies make it like pulling teeth however BURBERRY makes is so easy peasy !!!

    The shops I HAVE BEN IN FOR THE MOST PART EVERY S.A. HAS BEEN VERY SWEET AND HELPFUL - there was only one time I felt disrespected ( very ) and when I sent a slight formal complaint to the company they offered me a sincere apology and gave me 50$ credit toward my next purchase ! Not only that they have live service online 24/7 - could it be any easier ?
    When I was given a gift from Burbeery , few polo shirts and they were the wrong size and I did not have an exchange card they did exchanged it without a big deal when many shops would outright refuse ,
    any just this week I put my dustbag for my coat in the washer ( bad idea ) and the letters peeled off this has happened with other shops before they they will tell you you are sol but I TOOK THE BAG TO A BURBERRY SHOP AND THEY ACTUALLY GAVE ME A NEW ONE IN A SHOPPING BAG AND EVERYTHING I did not even have a receipt of the item rather than just showing it !!!!
    Thanks you burberry for awesome service !
  2. Glad you had a good experience. I can not say the same. Read my thread "button saga" regarding service at the boutique. My blood pressure rose considerably speaking to the so called manager.
  3. I agree they do have good customer service. A couple years ago I bought a scarf from the sweetest SA - I actually went back to visit her anytime I was at the mall and we became friends. Recently I went in to pick up an item I wanted when it was originally released but could never locate in-store. I came across it at an outlet but they had no backstock so they called me next time they received shipment. Unfortunately it was the wrong colour so I left empty handed and the next time they put the wrong item on hold however each time the bag had been marked down. When I finally went to pick it up, the store was running a 20% off promo and I was given an additional 20% by the manager.
  4. That sounds nice, it makes me want to buy Burberry stuff, lol.
  5. I can totally relate, I've never had a bad experience there (compared to some LV stores, don't even get me started) and the reps are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect for you.
  6. I agree their staff are very caring and always willing to help.
  7. I agree as well. Never had any bad experience with their customer service. for the SAs, they are mostly nice and friendly esp. the ones in Bloor St Toronto.
  8. I had awesome customer service at the stores in NYC!
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