Burberry Happy Scarf?

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  1. Hi gang. I am contemplating getting a Nova Check Burberry Happy Scarf tommorow (Fringe on both sides). Anyone have this? Any thoughts?

    Would this be clashy to wear with Mono LV??
    Your imput will be appreciated!

  2. my bf got me the pink onee..and i love it...it's warm and stylishh..:love:
  3. I think it looks great with the MONO...I don't have the happy style but I do have the classic novacheck..
  4. In my opinion, I think it would be designer logo overload, especially since Burberry is not exactly "subdued" (and neither is LV monogram canvas). I am personally not a fan of the novacheck, and I like the other colors much better, such as candy check or solid colors.

    When I see someone carrying, for example, a loud Fendi bag, wearing huge Chanel logo glasses and a huge Burberry novacheck scarf and trench (with the novacheck showing of course), I can't help but think that this person is trying to prove something...and that all of her items are fake.

    Go for something more subdued and understated. :smile: Hope this helps. I do not mean to offend anybody...
  5. I personally don't have a problem with wearing clashing designer logos. Just wear whatever you think looks best.
  6. i think they'll look fine together! btw, that's a really cute scarf! i want the happy scarf in candy check
  7. I have that scarf in red, and LOVE it. I personally wouldn't wear them the same time because they are both so easily recongized - I usually mix and match my designer items with casual stuff. But that's just me. I'd say if the outfit looks good on you, go for it!
  8. I was going to get that in blue. It's so soft!

    I think as long as you like...you should get it!
  9. Thanks for the input guys!
    Guess its coming home with me tommorow!
  10. I think that the scarf itself is great! I love Burberry scarves. If you want to pair it with LV I would just say to look in the mirror and make sure you don't feel like it is overpowering with the logos. It always depends ont he outfit, but it could work!!
  11. I have a version of the scarf that isn't as obvious (in terms of the Nova check...it is the basic tan, but with vertical stripes in the black, white, and red, down the middle), and I have worn it with LV Monogram items. I think 2 designers at once is as far as I will go, but it's really a personal preference...if you love it, go for it.
  12. I have one and wear it ALL the time with EVERYTHING!!! Def. worth the $$$.
  13. Well heres is the update....
    Bad news: Didnt get the scarf.....

    Good news: Got another pair of Chanel Sunnies #6014 brand new and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who needs burberry when you can have chanel :smile:
    Thanks for all for your help.
  14. I wear my nova check scarf with my LV mono.