Burberry: Grain Leather?

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  1. Hello guys. I bought this Nova Check card holder awhile back and after using it for a few times, it got pretty dirty!

    There is like patches of black stains on it. I tried to rub it off with a leather cleaner, baby wipes, warm water etc but the stains just won't go away. Finally, I decided to bring the card holder to a leather goods cleaning store and they told me that the stains are permanent.

    I was kind of dumbstruck because after all, I spent a few hundred bucks on it and its going to be dirty forever. Apparently, the reason is that this card holer is made of grain leather which will allow colors from other fabric/clothes (pants pocket, shirt etc) to seep in.

    I remember placing the card holder in one of my black pants in the morning and when I took it out in the evening, there were black patches all over it already.

    I am thinking of buying another card holder but I really liked this Nova Check design. I was wondering if there are any tips which can prevent stains from dirtying the wallet if I were to buy a similar card holder from Burberry in future.

  2. The only thing I can think of is spraying it with dirt and waterresistant spray (available at shoe stores). It helps my bags stay clean. It makes stains not able to attach as much, but it's not a miracle worker or anything...
  3. ooh my friend had the same problem on her canvas bag. she tried to clean it with EVERYTHING she could think of BUT no luck.

    she took it into burberry and they replaced it for her.

    they said that anything can easily rub into the canvas causing the leather to stain permanently.

    i'm assuming yours is probably from your jeans.

    sucks. :Push:

    call burberry to see if they can send it in for repair.


  4. Hello. Thanks for the advice.

    So I just bring it back to the store and try asking for a replacement?

    I bought the wallet 3 months ago... will they still accept it?
  5. I have had 2 wallets and one mirror that got soooo dirty. i tried to clean it. it is so annoying. i hate that! i am not a big fan of the canvas anymore:tdown:
  6. Erm, do you guys think Burberry will realise the problem with their PVC material and change it to something else? Or will they just continue to follow the errors of their way?
  7. hey there babe,
    just to let you know, the nova check is actually made out of coated canvas. its cotton underneath and then layers and layers of pvc and then embossed with a micro grain to make it feel like fabric.
    the nova check is actually the same material as the haymarket but with the haymarket they are embossed with full grain to make it look like leather. they are however finished with leather trims-the nova with the spazzalato leather or patent leather hence the glossy looks of the handles etc.

    actual 'full grain' leather is most of the time natural cowhide or calfskin with is vegetable tanned and nothing hav been added to it-so its natural and will come wiht its natural body scars etc etc..so u will find most of the full grain items under the housecheck collections.

    anyways, i dont think there is anything that could prevent stains, but some of the burberry stores sell this special cleaner (in aussie they sell for like 15$?) and thats meant to clean the nova and haymarket specially so you could try that (but most of the time they run out of it).
    but the nova while being quite scratch resistant etc, is not very to stains ESPECIALLY jeans :sad: whats hapens is the stain usually get under the pvc and remain there.

    although this is unfortunate, we have to keep in mind that we are purchasing LUXURY goods and it is also our responsibility to keep it as safe away from harm and dirt etc... and also luxury goods arent the best in everyday wear and tear despite the price we pay for them.im not ssayin ur bad at taking care of the goods, but im just saying in general sense so pls dont get the wrong idea :smile:

    anyways sorry for the rant...but hope i helped clear things up for you :smile: