Burberry Gifts for under $225

  1. I am looking for a gift for a good friend of mine. And would like to get her a Burberry wallet or something small :yes:.
    Please help me find something to get her for under $225. :yahoo:
    Thank you so much.
  2. I looked at burberryusa and all wallets looks to be more expensive than 225 $
  3. Darn. Does the burberry website display all the wallets and bags they have?
  4. If you're near an outlet, the prices are pretty good for small items. Burberry website displays a very small selection unfortunately. :sad:
  5. You could always get her a nice umbrella!?

  6. I'm an LV gal, but Burberry caught my eye this weekend and I bought a cute umbrella.

    When I first saw the umbrella at the store, it was $99.
    At the outlet that we stopped by it was $69. Not bad.
    It's clear and has some of the signature check-pattern on the trim.

    Hope you find something nice!
  7. I really need to check out an outlet, it's a shame I'm not in the US
  8. Ya i now. I am in Edmonton and stuck at Holt Renfrew.
  9. Exactly!!!:tdown:
  10. you could give her a nice small umbrella (the ones you can fold)...or a scarve (the ones with wool are not that expensive)
  11. see below!
  12. They are some really nice things under 225 if you look at the sale link at burberry.com
    like an ipod case, a scarf a wallet or even the candy check bag.
    Hope you find something nice! (let us know if you decided on something we're always curious... :smile: