Burberry giant check cashmere scarf in bright viola

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  1. I'm looking to get the giant check cashmere scarf in the bright viola color; for some reason I'm very taken by the color. Have you ladies and gents seen it anywhere? Is there also no hope of getting one for sale if I'm so picky about the color? Do they go on sale at the Burberry stores sometime? Sorry for the string of questions, but thank you very much in advance!
  2. Has anyone seen it at any Burberry store?
  3. ill look for you tomorrow is we have it
  4. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon :smile:
  5. Is this the one your looking for? http://us.burberry.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3926940&cp=2119969.4471680.1862184&parentPage=family I have one in a similar shade of pink maybe a shade or two darker I got a few years ago, and I got it at Nordies. I got another one in plum this year at Barneys. I doubt you'll be able to get it on sale, pink tends to be a popular color I went back to the same Nordies I got it at a month later and they didn't have any left and several of the SA's were drooling over mine. If you haven't already call your local Nordies, Barneys, or if you have one near you Burberry store to see if they have one.
  6. Thank you for your reply! The color I'm looking for is closer to the bright burgundy color; it's even brighter though, and has the bright orange contrasting strip running down its length. I tried checking two different Burberry stores, but neither had it; however, recently I saw that one eBay seller had a silk scarf in that exact same color that I'm looking for, so I'm starting to wonder if it has moved to the outlets.
  7. I've seen a similar scarf at the Burberry Outlet.

  8. very interesting, hehe
  9. oops. double post. love internet