Burberry for our 4 legged friends

  1. So I know that we all are in love with Burberry and we all love to dazzle people with our purses and wallets and keychains and other paraphernalia. But has it ever occurred to you that we could also dress our four-legged friends up in Burberry? I own a little dog, a pug, and I bought him a Burberry sweater around two years ago and this little dog has turned heads all the time. Attached are some pictures! :smile:

  2. This picture made me laugh! My MIL has a pug and dresses her up too. Not in burberry, but this is too cute!
  3. That is so adorable! I love pugs :love:
  4. Adorable pug! I love the Burberry sweater for dogs! I have a few friends who have them for their Cavaliers. I would love for my 2 to have them one day!!!
  5. Oh my! Very adorable pug!
  6. Your puglet is adorable, love the Burberry, very chic!
  7. thank you everyone!

    irishpandabear, you're pug is sooo cute too! How old is your pug?
  8. That is cute; but do dogs really need that kind of clothing? I thought that their fur is enough to keep them warm and that they may even start to sweat underneath the fabric and then get ill...
  9. I live in Ontario and the weather can get pretty brutal (maybe not as bad as Winnepeg or something) but it can get to around -20 degrees celcius or worse. Pugs are known for their short coat and they are pretty vulnerable to the cold. If he were a border collie per se, then I wouldn't really wrap something around him. Also, dogs don't sweat from their fur because they possess sweat glands in their tongue so usually when they pant, they're acutally sweating -- sorry, I'm a bit of an animal maniac -- I'm doing my pre-vet in Guelph :biggrin:.
  10. Okay, so you are the expert... good to know...:tup::tup::tup:
  11. I love that sweater! I have something equal for my iggy (italian greyhound), and although it can be really cold here (around zero celsius at the moment) he hates being dressed up.. but sometimes he has to cause he has a thin fur and hardly any fat.
    But did you mean that 20 degr.celsius is cold for dogs?! Because that's actually quite warm, so they def. won't need a coat then... But then again, if it doesn't seem to bother him (or her)..

    edit: o oops, I now see you said -20! wow, that's horribly cold! brrrrrrrr.....
  12. omg i LOVE the turtleneck :smile: soooo precious!
  13. i can't wait until I can get my little one something burberry...all he has is some juicy stuff and a coach collar/leash...he needs to upgrade
  14. He is the cutest!I love pugs.
  15. My puppy weighs 92 pounds.
    That sweater won't fit him! :p