Burberry for Blackberry?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    Lurking but haven't posted anything in a while.
    Don't want to end up in the poor house buying BB products!:p

    My wife just received a Blackberry 8800.
    And well, she wants a leather case for it.

    Anyone know if Burberry makes leather cases for a Blackberry?
    I've searched and could not find anything I like.
    Looking in the NovaCheck pattern.

    Any help?
  2. I have the 8800 and it came with a leather case...or some kind of case that simulates leather. I actually am really pleased with it. One day as I got out of the car the BlackBerry went flying to the ground (in the case) and it was perfectly fine! You might find something fancier at the BlackBerry website, but I don't know if there is anything designer out for this model yet since it is so new and they change so often.
  3. I dont think Burberry has any black berry case.
  4. I tried looking and the SA at the Burberry in L.A. said that they only have Ipod cases at the moment
  5. Hey,

    I'm kind of new to the "Burberry section". But I'm in love with it!

    Oh, I just searched for a topic so I don't have to open a new one, I hope that's ok.

    So, for my birthday in november I'm (hopefully :wacko: probably.) getting a Blackberry, I want the Curve. And I really want a Burberry case!!! So far I've figured out that there are small and bigger cases. Does anyone know if the Curve fits in one of them?
    the newbie:smile: