burberry feedback please

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  1. hi Ladies! :yes:

    I am thinking of getting a burberry bag for work. Can't really decide which one I want yet.

    Any feedback on this brand? e.g the quality and the durability

    and which burberry bag do you have?

    thank you so much in advance:heart:
  2. My first designer bag was a Burberry shoulder bag. It is in the Novacheck print. I think it is quite durable and good quality. Other ladies I know who have had Burberry bags haven't had any problems, they seem to be able to take a beating and do just fine.
  3. Burberry was my first designer bag too. Very durable.
  4. I really love the look of Burberry. I havent added one to my collection just yet but I am keeping my eye out for just the right bag for me.
  5. I like Burberry...classic and durable
  6. not the biggest fan of burberry - too many fakes in europe and considered cheap by many
  7. I like Burberry. Especially the new leather ones. I don't see how they could be considered that cheap. I mean it's not like their Dooney or a more affordable brand.....
  8. Also my first higher end bag. . . TOTALLY durable and classic!
  9. I have a Burberry bag and I love it! Don't use it all the time but when I do I get compliments :smile:
  10. The head of my department where I work uses a Burberry tote to carry her items to and fro, and she loves it. They are so cute looking!
  11. thank u, everyone, for the feedback! this is really helpful :smile:
  12. Me want the Burberry Prorsum nova check handbag..check it out on the web it is stunnnnnnnnnnning!!!!
  13. For me, Burberry bags are NOT worth the money... it was one of my earlier designer bags (and I've since sold it) - they look cute, but their handles are not strong enough/as well made as brands like LV or Chanel. They use thin leather with weak stitching to sew the handles on the totes, and I had to get mine re-inforced twice so they wouldn't tear off!

    I still wear Burberry clothes, but find that their bags do not hold up with regular use for work, and I've since gone back to LV, Chanel and more recently Balenciaga for work.
  14. i have four Burberry bags; they were among my first designer bags. i used to use the Novacheck Onslow Tote for school. it got knocked around quite a lot, but without a thread out of place :yes:. the quality and durability are really very good
  15. i like the look of the novacheck. very classic. my sister is a burberry addict and she has a collection of very sharp looking bags