Burberry expert needed!!

  1. I have a vintage Burberry (equestrian fabric) shoulder bag I bought myself in London about 18 years ago - It has been barely touched - I don't have any idea of the value - any ideas would help. Want to put it on ebay. Thanks.
    burberry001mz9.jpg burberry004qv9.jpg burberry003rc9.jpg burberry002gj9.jpg
  2. Between 200-300 dollars?
  3. i would say start from 75to 150
    you can go higher if they still sell that particular brand..
  4. Thanks for your responses! - I had thought it would be worth a bit more because it is vintage in perfect shape. It's a classic shoulder bag as you can see but I don't think they make it anymore.
  5. If you are going to put it up for auction, the deciding factor will be those bidding on the purse and bidding up to what they want to pay - afterall, the goal of buying on a site like eBay is to get the lowest price! I would go to a consignment shop, check with them to find out -they will have a pretty good idea. Hope this helps!