*~Burberry earmuffs ~*

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  1. I got the burburry hat Jessica Simpson was wearing instead....apparently there was a wait list of 27 for that hat!:lol:
  2. ^^^Great buy!!! I LOVE that hat! But then again, I LOVE hats!!!
  3. ohh which hat??
  4. Sure, why not if you have $165 to spend on earmuffs!
  5. I believe it's this one:

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  6. You must be way more southern than me, because where I am its cold cold cold. And I'm originally from Canada...where earmuffs are plentyful...I dig them.:biggrin:
  7. Thank you danika..you feel me :smile:...and thanks for the pic LV...I was actually looking at that, I saw that hat on hilary duff too..I love it..however i am not a hat person :sad: so i guess where I don't have hats...i will make up with the earmuffs :smile:
  8. i'm about as far south as Atlanta but farther east, and it's been chilly here in the mornings but once it gets sunny everything warms up :smile:. it was REALLY warm here last week, it was getting to like 70 every day. odd for late jan/early feb, but i'll take it!
  9. I have been enjoying my first mild winter ever down here, however today it actually snowed here and i am ecstatic!! So far its sticking...just one more day...please.
  10. That's the one!:lol:
  11. Well, I got the earmuffs just shipped to me for my valentines present !! They are SOOO CUTE...maybe i will take a pic of it :smile:
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