*~Burberry earmuffs ~*

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  1. well !!! er !!! Im not an earmuff fan, BUT !! They are cute and if they keep you warm why not ?
  2. If you need them then get them! I would get the pink
  3. Not a fan of earmuffs, but these look like they are super warm.
  4. I spent most of my life living in the "Great White North" and often wore earmuffs .. I used to have a red fuzzy pair of earmuffs that had speakers inside and a cord to attach to my walkman lol.

    I've been eyeing the Burberry stuff recently too, if you are in a cold climate its hard to look stylish and keep warm. Those may do the trick though :smile: They do seem a tad expensive for earrmuffs but they are desingner and all. They are quite cute.
  5. i wanted to buy those too bute here they cost $165, which is way too much for earmuffs.
  6. Cute! I really like the pink ones
  7. I love earmuffs...I think they look cute! go for it!
  8. thanks guys for the opinions thus far :lol:..a lil birdie tells me that my man bought them for me for V day!..and after the night I had hearing about applying for grad schools...i need retail therapy..:sick:
  9. ...people actually wear earmuffs?

    i :heart: the south...

  10. lol evidently, or else they wouldn't be sold out at the moment :biggrin: Yea, it's something else to go to school were the snow is almost as tall as i am..although seeing that I am a mere 5'0 it doesn't really say much...
  11. i wore flip flops to school today and turned on the air conditioner in my car this afternoon...

    i'll say it again: i :heart: the south.
  12. haha you keep your south and I will keep my peacoats, suede purses, Burberry earmuffs and scarves :biggrin:
  13. winter is poopy. i hate coats, long pants, anything woolen, and layers.

    breezy sundresses and sweet tea on the porch for me!
  14. HAHAHAHA......I actually tried those on in Canada....I looked like an idiot. They were too OVAL shape (I have a few,HAHAHA!!!):shame: :lol: I like a rounder muff!hahahahahahaha.:lol: Cute design but not the most flattering muffs.:lol: :weird:
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