Burberry Earmuffs

  1. Hey girls,

    I LOVE these burberry earmuffs. they are SO CUTE and soft/ warm. etc etc.. i want one so bad to match with my scarf but i live in California.. LA/OC to be exact.
    Do you think it would be wierd to wear earmuffs in the winter time.. probably at nite time mostly...

    I really want it but its socal for goodness sake!! what if people think i'm wierd. haha. Yes, i can wear it when i go snowboarding, cold/snow areas but for $135, i'm hoping i can wear it more.

    what do you guys think???


    for more colors
  2. Those are cute! Who cares if people will think it's weird... wear what you want!

    Jcrew has a cheaper version for 40... pretty much the same quality I think. Won't match your scarf though...
  3. haha yeah. i tell myself .. who cares who cares. but still. :\

    i told my friend how it would be hilarious if i wore my earmuffs while driving top down in my car .. hahaha
  4. I wouldn't wear them but I just bought them for my sister for Christmas! She wants them so bad, haha. They're cute!
  5. what a nice earmuffs...
  6. I love them. I've been thinking about getting myself a pair of the black ones.
  7. really cute. I want a pair.
  8. i live in northern CA, and i would wear earmuffs if i was feeling cold. it's been freezing the last few days.
  9. thnx for the answers. wana bump it once more but yeah..

    if the weather was very cold in socal,, raining/ snowing all the time, i wouldn't even be asking this question but yeah... since its just rain and shine.

    i probably will get it, along with my friend at Nordstroms. with a great return policy, if i feel i really won't wear it, i would just return it..
  10. go get them girl!
    i have the exact same ones. they're really cute!
    i live in vancouver, canada. yes, it's cold, but people don't usually wear earmuffs. i get a weird look sometimes when i wear them too. but seriously, who cares?
    (my bf said people look at me coz they think these earmuffs are cute not weird!)
  11. I think they are too cute! Go for it, if you like it.