Burberry dustbag

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can purchase dustbags in the stores or where, other than eBay, can you find them?
  2. If you bring your bag in to the store and tell them you've misplaced the original dust bag, I'm sure that they will give you a new one.
    I've never tried it - but this happened to me many years ago with a Coach bag. I'm not sure if I bought it at Nordstrom and never checked for the sleeper or if I just misplaced it. They were very good about giving me a new one.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck!
  3. Take it to Burberry and ask for one.
  4. I'm sure the Burberry store nearest you can give you one. I found a patent belt that was on sale in the store just lying there in the sale basket. But after I bought it, the saleswoman asked me if I wanted a dustbag to go with it, and she also included a nice gift box even though she knew the belt was just for me. Just ask!
  5. they stock extras in the store :smile:
  6. Do you know if you can get a replacement gift box at a store? :smile: Love those boxes!
  7. Yep, same as dustbags, just ask a friendly SA.
  8. I've never gotten a box, only dustbag :sad:
  9. do u need to show them receipt in order to get a dust bag?
    i lost mine and i'm thinking about going to a burberry store on friday to ask for 1...
    is it ok if i jus show them my bag?
    i didn't buy the bag from that store though
  10. Did you end up going and asking?