Burberry Duffle Bag

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  1. I don't know- but that's a great price!
  2. I know that American Airlines' limit for carryons is a of 45 linear inches (heigth + width + length) Not sure what others are, but probably similar. Unfortunately, the Burb comes to 48, but you might be able to fudge it. Their website has a smaller one, though: it comes to 37.
  3. lol I was wondering the same thing a while back, thats such a great price for such a big bag. But yeah, I think it's a little too large for a carry on.
  4. I would think you should be able to get away w/ it....but maybe this is because I would love for you to have it. Looks like a nice bag for a great price! I think Burberry would be good for luggage. I use mine all the time & it holds up so well w/ no wear!
  5. that is a great price, i just emailed that picture to me friends and sister. I want one too!!!!
  6. Wow!! Only $400?!?!!

    I got a burberry duffle bag that was canvas last summer that retailed $800+ (thankfully that wasn't the price I paid!) and it's smaller than that bag! Not to mention that it didn't have handheld straps.

    I need this! Sorry I'm no help
  7. That soooo IS an awesome price! :biggrin:
  8. Should I buy one...you think this price is a mistake?
  9. When I first saw the price I thought it was a mistake too and then I did some more research and noticed that the small duffle is $295 so I don't think it's a mistake.

    But to be safe, you should get it ;P
  10. ohh btw happypug, are you on LJ?
  11. On an international flight that would definitely be okay. I would imagine it should be fine for most domestic airlines as well.
  12. LJ?
  13. Livejournal. I remember a girl on there who had the most cutest pug icons and her pug looks very similar to your's so I mistakened your's for her's. sorry :shame: