Burberry Dress + 5-year old + Nail Polish =

  1. ruined Easter dress. I got my daughter a light pink silk shirt dress by Burberry w/ novacheck lining. It is so precious. Well, she got purple nail polish all over it. K-rap! Do you think I should try nail polish remover? Will it bleach the silk or eat it away?
  2. maybe try non acetone remover? I'm fairly certain acetone would ruin it
  3. cool, thanks!
  4. let us know how it turns out.
  5. i got nail polish on one of my silk shirts... please let us know if anything works :biggrin:
  6. i hope it turns out okay! :push:
  7. I haven't done anything yet. But, I'm going to try the nail polish remover. It's already ruined, so I assume that I can't make it worse. Right?
  8. ask Burberry?
  9. I would try a non acetone remover...or dry cleaning?
  10. oh gosh.. why oh why would you let her near nail polish in that gorgeous dress
  11. Trust me, I didn't know she had the nail polish.
  12. Aww!Too bad. Good luck with getting it off.
  13. try calling burberry or bring it to the store?
  14. oh my dear... please keep us posted on how it turned out! happy easter!