Burberry Denim Diaper bag

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm shopping for a diaper bag, still not 100% sure which one I want (Burberry, Juicy, Gucci) But I came across a picture of a Denim Burberry diaper bag & thought it was really cute!! Problem is I can't find it anywhere! (I saw the pic on tpf blog, I think)
    Does anyone know where I can find it? Do they even still make it? I've tried Saks, NM, eBay, Burberry's site and nothing! I'd appreciate any info! Thanks!

  2. I looked for that bag for awhile.
    Megs blogged it here I think last year and I really liked it, never found one :sad:
    one piece of advice, DO NOT buy their marketed Nova Check baby bag, I had one for about a month and the lining/piping split. I returned it for a regular Burberry tote instead and used that.
    LOVE Gucci's:yes: