Burberry Crinkle Scarf or Shrunken and Felted Junk?

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  1. I just received a Burberry item off of eBay advertised as a "Crinkle Scarf".

    It is used, but I sure wouldn't say it is "pre-loved" because this darn thing has been felted!!! For those of you who have never bought felted wool diaper covers, this means that the wool has been shrunk, and has turned into a tight, felt-like fabric.

    Felted wool is a great fabric to keep in leaks from cloth diaper wetness. But come on!

    The scarf hadn't actually been shrunken that much, and I still can be wrong about it, but the tag is way too long for its stitches, so that it looks like an arch. I can think of only one reason why this would happen, and that...is shrinkage.

    What do you think?

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  2. I would return it :sad: