burberry coupon anyone?

  1. Does anyone have burberry coupons/free shipping codes? I just fell in love with this burberry bag, but i need a better deal on it.

    thanks a bunch :lol:
  2. See if Bloomie's stocks it, if they do wait for their next private sale. That will be 15% off the retail price plus $25 off for every $100. up to $400. I love that sale. The next one should be coming up in October if not sooner.
  3. i hope the next "private" (or not so private :P) sale comes up sooner than october! there are several things i'm looking to buy. keep us posted!
  4. I was just at Bloomingdale's and the sale is 8/31!!! 2 days from now- have fun!!!!!:smile:
  5. What designers does this sale include? Also, can you make phone orders & still receive the sale price?
  6. Really?? can u tell us more about the bloomies sale? ty!
  7. Hi, they are running this Thursday through Monday 15% off with a coupon, BUT it is only on sale and clearance items, not so good. It is not the "Private Sale"

    If you want to do a lot of shopping at Bloomie's wait for their "Private Sale". That is the one that you get $25 off every $100 spent. Plus they have additional discounts in most every department.

    For example, I always buy 2 pairs of shoes with every "private sale" all the shoes are 25% off, plus the $25 on every $100. It almost works out that your getting the second pair free (or really close to it). Another thing on this sale is you can prebuy maybe 4 or 5 days before the sale actually starts, and then you don't have to turn in the physical coupons. So you can use 4 coupons as many times as you want.

    It is so worthwhile this sale. I always wait and buy big at this sale. (They have it every 3 or 4 months). The next one is due shortly. I will post when I get the coupons in the mail.
  8. oh wow, sounds great to me. i've seen several bags i want to buy at bloomingdales, but i need a discount first!
  9. Thanks btw!